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Board of Directors

Susan Wallace

Scooter's Pals
Office Location:
518 Brunswick Road
Grass Valley, CA 95945
(530) 350-2099

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 1687
Cedar Ridge, CA 95924

email susanW1068@gmail.com

Janet Naef, Treasurer

email jnlostdogs@onemain.com

Bob Coe
Owner of Buttes Insurance
Penn Valley and Live Oak California

Karl Cobler, Secretary
Web Services

email kcobler@mail.csuchico.edu

Dr. Mario Dinucci
UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
Mother Lode Veterinarian Hospital
Grass Valley, CA 95945

Union article 2016
Union article 2016


November 9, 2009 Reprint from an interview in The Union newspaper-The Union file photo by Akim Aginsky

Scooter's Pals offers safety and love

Susan and Ruth admire Sheba

Susan Wallace, founder of Scooter's Pals, with her rescued pit bull terrier, Rosie

What is your mission?

Scooter's Pals provides, as our resources allow, foster and forever homes for abused or abandoned dogs scheduled to be killed in local and nearby shel­ters.

What is your yearly budget, and how many paid employees do you have?

Our yearly budget is small, but growing, and was under $25,000 last year. Most of our funding goes for veterinary care for our rescued animals, and we take no salaries. Local trainers are very generous with their donated skills to train dogs in need of manners.

What is your nonprofit's history and who is your audience?
Scooter's Pals was formed out of tragedy to give meaning to helping the least fortunate among us — abandoned dogs that cannot protect themselves and are destined to die. We also work cooperatively with other reputable rescue organizations to provide needed services for homeless animals. We fully vaccinate, spay and neuter, provide needed vet care, and microchip all our rescued dogs before adoption into homes after we have done a home safe­ty check. We also provide refundable pet deposits for dog and cat guardians needing help relocat­ing, allowing them to keep their pets instead of placing them in shelters. The financial crisis and housing debacle has created this need more than ever before.

List your biggest achievements. Our part in the Nevada County Animal Shelter's agreement to allow rescue groups 10 days to save animals sentenced to death because they have deter­mined the dogs are dangerous or unmanageable. We work closely with Sammie's Friends in this endeavor. Since our inception, we have saved the lives of about 200 dogs.

List your biggest challenges.
Keeping our work going without a facility. Our most dire need is being prepared for the unexpected vet­erinary care needed for some of our dogs who develop special needs, which is why we are increasing our fundraising efforts.

What is your No. 1 short­term goal?
Find more people willing to foster animals until they can be adopted, allowing us to save more lives.

What is your No. 1 long­term goal?
Allocate our eBay store's proceeds to acquiring a combination rescue shelter and sanctuary. This would allow us to keep abandoned animals safe until good homes are found, supplement our foster home pro­gram, train the dogs to expedite rehabilitation when necessary, and house older dogs who are slow to get adopted.

What is your major fundraiser?
We just successfully con­cluded our annual event. We created our new Guardian Angel Program for those who want to help but can't adopt or foster. A pledge of $20 a month from enough "angels" will assist us in paying for the veterinary care for our special needs dog, which takes a huge chunk of our budget.

How can people help?
Call me if you want to talk about how you can help us help dogs.

Contact information:

For more information contact Susan: susanW1068@gmail.com or call (530) 350-2099



NEVADA CITY, CA, MAY 29, 2008: From the pain and mayhem three years ago this month, Susan Wallace, a survivor of the meth-induced rage of a carpet cleaner that nearly killed her and did destroy her home and her two pets, has emerged to announce a nonprofit, Scooter's Pals, formed to honor one of her beloved pets. Serving as a memorial to Scooter, a little Shih Tzu tragically trapped in the meaningless violence of May 2005, Scooter's Pals is a life-affirming tribute to the importance to treating our animal companions with respect, keeping our pets safe and healthy, and rescuing animals needing help obtaining good health and avoiding death in animal shelters.
Scooter's Pals will rescue animals in danger of being killed due to space limitations in local shelters and will adopt out rescued dogs to good homes following treatment for any medical needs.

Susan and Ruth admire Sheba

Scooter's will find the best match for adoption after animals are spayed or neutered and are current in all vaccinations and microchipped. As a community service Scooter's Pals will also offer microchipping service on a donation basis only and will not turn anyone away because of cost. Scooter's Pals aims to make Nevada County as well as surrounding counties, relatively free from lost and homeless animals. Through the services of Scooter's Pals, it is completely preventable to keep lost animal companions from the danger of being killed because their guardians cannot find them.

Our Founder

Scooter's Pals will provide these free services to the public at their first adopt-a-thon on June 14th, 2008, in Grass Valley, location and details to follow soon. Please come with your dog or cat that needs microchipping, see our wonderful dogs that need forever homes, volunteer with our organization, or donate a tax-deductible amount so that another less fortunate animal can obtain the love and care it deserves. Help us honor Scooter and make her life a lasting memory of goodness and hope.

For more information contact Susan: susanW1068@gmail.com or call (530) 350-2099