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Please protect your pets!

Protect your dog from burnt paws on hot summer days!


Dogs can suffer burns to their paws on days most people wouldn’t consider particularly hot. If the temperature is a nice 77F, asphalt, cement, even sand can reach a searing 125F. With outside temps at 87F, pavement can hit 143F!


Vets advise owners to place the back of their hand or a bare foot on the surface for 7 seconds. If they struggle to hold it down, it’s too hot to walk a dog on anything other than grass.

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Scooter's Pals has gained a reputation for taking in the abandoned ones that some rescues overlook or are afraid to accept. The joy of being able to help animals in desperate need is an integral part of the work we do in your name.

WERE YOU A "BENJI HERO"? If not, this story is a must read...


When Benji was 12 years old, his owners took him to the nearest high-kill shelter and said, “He's old, he's blind, and we are moving. Put him down.”


The shelter listed him as blind, deaf, aggressive and unadoptable. When we first saw Benji, he was dirty, shaggy, terrified and had shut down. We thought he at least deserved a soft landing so we found him a foster home to care for him and keep him safe.

Soon Benji's second chance at life began to look pretty good. Our vet found the cause of his hearing loss (and maybe some bad behavior) was a severe ear infection that was definitely treatable. And while he did have limited vision, his foster discovered he wasn't totally blind and could get around quite well.

With no other medical or behavior issues, Benji happily went backpacking with his foster mom and joined his big doggy brother on nature walks and lakeside adventures at sunset.


Before long, Benji did find his forever home with a loving family of his very own. It was, for him, a perfect landing.

To each of you who believes in our work, you are our ROCK and a true hero!


Please take a moment to set up a small monthly donation – even $10 or $25 each month will make a huge difference. Small monthly amounts are actually what enable us to continue saving the"throw-aways" like Benj.


Please don't wait. Click the red cross button below and help us...now. We are grateful for any amount that will work for you.

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