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Giving another chance at life to

abandoned, neglected, abused and

homeless dogs.

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We need your help for Iggy!!


Scooter's Pals recently pulled a little terrier mix (now named Iggy) from a rural shelter after we learned he was about to be euthanized. Most rural shelters do not have the funds to provide the type and level of veterinary care that they thought this dog needed.


The little fawn and white terrier with the big brown eyes was almost skin and bones. Scooter's Pals took him straight to Mother Lode Veterinary Hospital where the veterinarians discovered he had a huge bladder stone as well as infected gums and decaying teeth.


If that wasn't enough, he also had two holes in the roof of his mouth draining  improperly into his sinuses and nasal cavities, something the shelter didn't know. One of our vets said Iggy had the worst mouth situation she had ever seen. Clearly eating must have been extremely painful for Iggy which explained his emaciated appearance. Poor Iggy had been suffering for years.

Iggy's surgery was scheduled for March 2nd. A major winter storm's snowfall and horrible road conditions worked in his favor as many people were unable to keep their Mother Lode appointments. As a result Iggy had four veterinarians working on him. It was a long and complicated surgery. The large bladder stone was removed as well as most of his teeth. The two holes in the roof of his mouth were closed up and he was neutered.

Dr. Mario and Iggy's vet tech

welcoming their patient.


Iggy came through his surgery with flying colors. His foster Sheila says Iggy is improving every day. He is eating small nutritious meals, taking long naps on her lap, and he's slowly gaining strength and energy.

Once Iggy has recovered, he will be available to adopt. Thanks to Scooter's Pals and the vets at Mother Lode, Iggy now has a second chance to live a life that is pain-free in a loving forever home. 


Iggy is well on the road to recovery.

He's actually gaining some weight!

I'm sure you are aware that Scooter's Pals is a completely volunteer rescue. We rely on donations to care for the dogs we save. Iggy's vet care turned out to be way more than the shelter or anyone had anticipated and it's been very costly. 


We need help to pay Iggy's vet bills. If you wish to donate towards the cost of Iggy's surgery, you can contribute in one of these ways:​

  • Click on the red Donate button you see here and make your donation online now.

  • Mail a check to Scooter's Pals at PO Box 1687, Cedar Ridge, CA 95924.

  • Call Mother Lode directly at 530-272-6651 — be sure to specify your donation is for Iggy's vet bill.

We are deeply grateful for any donation you can make for this little dog!

Susan Wallace

Founder an Director


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