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To our sustaining donors...

A special message from Susan Wallade, Founder

I am so grateful for those of you who already donate monthly to Scooter's Pals. I simply cannot thank you enough for this reliable, dependable funding! I


Your recurring donations truly make an immense difference in our ability to care for – month in and month out – the animals we've rescued until we can find for each one a safe, loving, and really good-fit new home.

7243-2b gracieSmall.png

Our Miracle Dog Gracie - she can walk without these wheels now - thanks to you!

I am also hoping to encourage other's to join you in this program. For those of you who are not currently a member, please consider joining today.

For the past 14 years Scooter’s Pals has been rescuing "at risk" and neglected dogs, providing emergency care, food, and shelter.  Since the pandemic, our funding sources have been dwindling, but the need of our animals seems to be increasing. 

To be able to continue our life saving efforts and provide the necessary vet care for dogs that have gone so long without adequate medical care is at the core of the work we do here at Scooter’s Pals.   It extends their lifetime and adds to the quality of their precious lives. I don't want to have to reduce the numbers of dogs we help because of limited funds — they need YOU now more than ever. 

You have the power to change all of that today. That’s why I’m inviting you to join our Scooter’s Pals Protectors  — a monthly giving program that insures that we can continue helping at risk dogs in urgent need.

As a generous supporter, you already understand how important it is to get to these dogs at their time of need and continue to provide for them even if they don’t work out in our adoption placement. As you know, we always take back our dogs if needed. 

As a Scooter’s Pals Protector, you'll make a huge impact in their lives. Your ongoing monthly support will:

  • Provide emergency lifesaving surgeries

  • Provide elder care for dogs that are often looked over

  • Provide comfy blankets and toys for enrichment and training

You can feel confident about setting up this convenient (and budget-friendly) monthly donation and providing a predictable base of support for the animals we help without ever worrying about writing another check! (Unless you want to.)


Become a Scooter’s Pals Protectors member today and you’ll enjoy:


  • The knowledge that your donation is put to work immediately.

  • Scooter’s Pals Protectors Impact Updates, regular notifications on the difference 
    your dollars are making.

  • Hassle-free automatic monthly donations from your credit card.

  • The ability to increase or suspend your donations at any time.

  • Complete statements provided for tax purposes.

  • The joy of knowing that you’re changing someone’s life.

  • We even have some adorable gifts when you join!

Please consider joining Scooter's Pals Protectors — the animals and I thank you!



Susan Wallace
Founder, Scooter’s Pals

P.S.  When you choose the monthly donation level that suits your budget, we'll send you one of the gifts below as our THANK YOU!

susan sig-web.png


$10 month/ $120 per year provides enrichment, toys, and blankets. You'll receive a Scooters Pals water bottle!

Red Logo Cup.png


$25 month/ $300 per year provides  emergency vet visits. You'll receive a Scooter's Pals coffee mug!

Water bottle-b.png
Throw blanket-b.png

$50 month/ $600 per year provides food for one year. You'll receive a Scooter's Pals tote bag!

WIndshield sunscreen-1c.png

$75 month/ $900 per year provides a wellness check and ongoing care. You'll receive a Scooter's Pals windshield screen!


$100 month/ $1,200 per year provides life-saving surgeries. You'll receive a Scooter's Pals throw blanket!

Throw blanket-a.png
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