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Scooter's Pals is a completely volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are funded almost entirely by donations.


We pay no salaries, no benefits, no perks. When you donate to support our life-saving work, every dollar goes directly to helping animals in need.

We greatly appreciate monetary contributions of any size. Your gifts are the lifeblood that keeps our work alive. Your support makes it possible to pay our veterinary costs, feed and care for our animals, and prepare them for family life in a new, safe, loving forever home.

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Make a gift. Save a life!

Donate online:   Make your online donation — either one time or recurring — by using our safe, secure Donate Now link below or, if you prefer, via PayPal. Both will accept your credit or debit card.


Donate by mail:  You can also write us a check made payable to "Scooter's Pals" and mail it to:
Scooter's Pals  •  P.O. Box 1687   •  Cedar Ridge CA 95924 
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You'll receive a receipt for your gift. All contributions to Scooter's Pals are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

There are more ways you can save lives!

For the past 14 years Scooter’s Pals has been rescuing "at risk" and neglected dogs,
providing emergency care, food, and shelter.  Since the pandemic, our funding sources
have been dwindling, but the need of our animals seems to be increasing. 

         To be able to continue our life-saving efforts and provide the necessary vet care for dogs that have gone so long without adequate medical care is at the core of the work we do
here at Scooter’s Pals...Read more 

Susan Wallace, Founder— Excerpt from "Join Scooter's Pals Protectors Today"

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