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One night in May 2005, Susan Wallace was awakened by her barking dogs and the pungent smell of gasoline. A man who had cleaned her carpets two days before had returned, now in a meth-induced rage. During his senseless attack, Susan’s throat was slashed, she was viciously stabbed, her home was destroyed by fire, and two of her beloved dogs, Molly and Scooter, were killed.

Miraculously, Susan survived. During her long, painful recovery, Susan searched for a way to turn her grief into positive energy. She discovered that giving a second chance at life to abandoned dogs — especially those on Death Row in a shelter — somehow helped Susan’s heart heal from Scooter’s loss.

Founded in 2008 by Susan as a life-affirming tribute to Scooter and Molly, Scooter's Pals is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to saving as many dogs as possible from needless death.

We have evolved into a dynamic, all-volunteer group who all share the belief that keeping our companion animals safe, giving them the care, love, and respect that they deserve is an effective way to build a better community.

The video at left, created for a 2013 fundraising campaign, tells the dramatic story of how and why Scooter's Pals came to be. 


To date, we've saved and rehomed thousands of dogs and many cats... and we're still going strong!

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