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 Scooter's Pals is completely volunteer— we don't pay salaries, benefits, or perks.

 Why is this important? It means we can use every dollar for the dogs (and yes, some cats, too) and not the humans.

There are very few grants available for animal welfare, especially small rescues like ours. So we depend on the generosity of caring individuals and companies for almost all of our annual revenue.

We hope you'll find it in your heart to send us a donation in support.


You’ll notice on the Annual Operating Budget chart at left (derived from our IRS 990 tax return) that the majority of our funds are used to rescue, care for, and benefit the dogs.


Our Fundraising expenses (3.9%) are minimal; our Operating (G&A) expenses (11,1%) cover things like utilities, insurance, and office supplies that keep us doing our job – saving lives!

Since 2008, we've rescued and adopted out thousands of dogs –and many cats too. Each one has been provided medical care, foster care in a loving home and, if needed, professional training to prepare for family life.


Each year, in addition to the dogs we rescue from shelters, we also help re-home 100 to 200 more animals so they don’t end up at risk of dying in a shelter.


We depend on your help to make all of this possible.

Money pawpirnt-1b.png

I have supported many rescues over the years. I truly believe Scooter's Pals is reliable,
responsible and frugal and does a tremendous job.

They have the integrity and heart to help the most helpless among us which is no small feat. They truly deserve our full support and the funding to continue doing this good work.

Johanna Operschall - Retired physician

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