We are so grateful when our supporters and adopters tell us about the difference Scooter’s Pals has made in their lives. Below are three of the  marvelous stories from Scooter's reviewers.

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Review by:   Veronica G.

On December 21,2018 my life was forever changed when one of my rescue yorkies passed away suddenly and tragically. She was one of 2 strays I saved back in 2012. 


Still having the momma pup, my family and I were completely heart-broken and feeling the void she left behind. Which leads me to the desire and need to do what she would want and that’s to give another pup a forever home. After 3 days of nonstop searching online and at shelters - I came across an ad on Scooter's Pals for a what was the sweetest smiling dog ever “ TOTO”. I read his brief personality ad and contacted Scooter's on every social media they had. I contacted via their site, Facebook and email knowing this boy needed to be with us.

Fast forward to the following day, I was contacted and eventually set up for an interview at my home. I knew I loved “ToTo” before I even met him. He was still at his foster in Grass valley. Divya, a Scooter's Pals pal angel and rep- went to pick him up late at night and he was ready for us the next day.

Beau (aka ToTo) has filled our lives with so much love. He’s one of my best friends. He made Gigi whole again after Kokos loss. He is exactly what we imagined and much much more. I don’t know where I’d be without Scooters because they made our lives complete.

Thank you for an effortlessly easy adoption and giving us such a beautiful soul. We love Scooter's Pals!



Review by:   5Cur


I have rescued cats and dogs since I was a child. As an adult I have aligned myself with a charity that uses every penny of my money to the benefit and care of the animals who are pulled off the street, abandoned or in shelters with no hope out alive.


Scooter's' Pals is the last ditch effort saving animals who are broken either medically, emotionally or both. Fear is the biggest cause of animals being deemed as not adoptable in shelters. We all work hard to help animals trust again and to get well.


I have worked with Scooter's Pals for many years and I know that my money and effort is used for the welfare of the animals, not paid staff or questionable administrative services.



Review by:   Victoria M.

My husband and I set out to adopt our first dog in June of 2018. I knew that I wanted a rescue, and ended up contacting 6 rescues in the local area trying to find a dog. Each time ended in heart break as we either didn’t qualify because we had no other pets, didn’t have children, or the dog was adopted to someone else in the 3 weeks it took for the rescue to get back to us. We were devastated and felt like we would never find our dog. Right as we were about to give up, a friend recommended that we try scooters pals. I checked their Facebook and found cutie pie. She was a 7 lb yorkie mix that had been driven all the way from Alabama.


One of the fosters from scooters pals was out of state, found her, got her from the shelter, and drove her all the way to California. I messaged scooters pals and the next day got to meet the pup. They did a thorough home check, and made sure that I was comfortable and had as much information as possible before adopting her. Throughout the next two weeks, they answered every one of my million questions without hesitation. They even gave us a bag of dog food and harness when we adopted her so that our new baby would be taken care of.


The way that scooters pals takes care of their animals is like no one else. They even ask that if you have to part with the animal, you return it to them. They pour so much love and dedication into all the animals in their rescue, as well as animals that aren’t. I have never met a rescue as wonderful as scooters pals, and I will never adopt from anyone else.